Become a Monthly Sponsor

As a non-profit organization we rely heavily on donations. With our focus being community outreach and support, we work to offset monthly expenses though sponsorships from local businesses. We rather share the good being done in our community instead of the need to constantly seek donations in order to operate. Additionally, this allows use to forecast the amount of assistance and support we can provide to the community every month. 

One of the great things abouts about being a sponsor of Rubies and Rogues is that local businesses are afforded the chance to show the community that they care. We focus more on establishing a give/give within the community verse a give/take. 

By committing to providing a monthly sponsorship to Rubies and Rogues local businesses are able to show the people of the community that they want to give back to the individuals and families within the local community that give patronage to their business. 

If you are a local business and are interested in becoming a monthly sponsor, please contact us