Why Rubies and Rogues

Having "Rogues" as part of our name throws people off at times. They instantly think we are a rescue, but we are so much more. There's significant meaning to each part of our name.

Rubies are more than a gem; they hold a spiritual meaning behind them:

~ Rubies are associated with improved energy, concentration, creativity, loyalty, honor, and compassion.
~ Rubies are thought to be protective of home, possessions, and family.

Rogues represent those that are alone, left to fend for themselves. We believe no one should ever feel as if they are alone - animal or person. 

The Rubies represent home, family, and people and Rogues are those that are alone - they will always have a place with us, and that is why we are...

Rubies and Rogues

We believe in family, we believe in community, and we believe in supporting.